Vogue 8959 Sew Along


  1. Vogue Pattern 8959
  2. Sewing Box (Scissors, Pins, Needles) 
  3. Polyester Thread (one spool to match your lining and one to match your coat fabric color) 
  4. Wool Fabric
  5. Lining Fabric 
  6. Matching Flannel Fabric (we used white because it didn't show through the yellow wool)
  7. Button 
  8. Iron 
  9. Fusible Lightweight Interfacing



We used flannel in between the liner and outer layer of fabric to add warmth to this beautiful cape. Versatility is key, and no one wants to freeze in the Winter! If you prefer to wear this cape in the Fall or are in an area with less cold weather then choosing to skip the flannel works perfectly! 

Now lets get started:

Step One: After choosing your fabric and selecting the pattern size that corresponds with your measurements, cut out each fabric piece. You should have a total of 7, including the button pattern piece. 

Step Two: Any alterations that you would like to make to your pattern pieces--do so now! We decided to change the length of the cape to be longer than View A, but shorter than View B. We subtracted 3 inches from the bottom of each pattern piece (excluding the collar of course) to achieve the desired length. 

Step Three: For this pattern you will need to place your pattern pieces on each layer of fabric separately. One cutting on the wool. One on the lining. And one on the flannel! What a pain! No worries, the results are worth it! Remember, the button pattern piece does not need to be cut out on fabric. This piece will be used as a guide. Make sure to cut all notches and trace any marks from the pattern pieces onto the fabric. We like to mark each pattern piece with a heat-sensitive pen or chalk to distinguish between the right and wrong side of the fabric (if it isn't obvious of course)! 

Step Four: Following the pattern, attach the two front pieces of the lining ensuring that you do not sew the armholes together. Do the same with the outer fabric. At this point we have pinned the flannel to each outer fabric piece. You may baste or use spray adhesive. 

Step Five: Sew side back pieces to back on the lining and outer fabric. Trim along the bottom if uneven. 

Step Six: Sew front to back on the lining and outer fabric. 

Step Seven: Fuse interfacing to one collar piece. Pin collar right sides together and sew. Trim seam allowance to 1/4". Turn right side out and topstitch collar however you would like! We did two rows of stitching.  Finally, pin collar to the right side of your cape and sew following seam allowance instructions on pattern. 

Step Eight: Press all seams open. Hem bottom of outer fabric according to pattern instructions. We hemmed a little more than recommended, and also switched to a jean needle since the layers got pretty thick. Jean needles pierce through the fabric easier and won't break as easily as a ball point needle. 

Step Nine: Hem the lining fabric according to pattern instructions. Now it's time to sew the two together! We are almost done! Pin all the way around. Take your time with this because this is tricky business! You want to make sure that everything lines up correctly. We pinned about every 2 inches and ironed before sewing down. You may also choose to baste (however very time consuming). Trim the bulk. Do NOT sew the armholes shut. This is where you will turn the coat right side out. Iron again and topstitch all the way around. Press seam of armholes in and match lining up with the outer fabric. Top stitch as cleanly as possible.  

Step 10: Attach the button by using the guide provided. We used a heat sensitive pen to mark on top of the fabric. Hand sew button on. Then, attach a button hole foot to your machine and sew a corresponding (in size) hole for your button to go through. The hole should be slightly bigger than the button itself, especially if any part of the button protrudes like ours!

And Voila! A lovely cape!

Thank you for taking the time to check this sewalong out! If you create your very own cape, please share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! We would love to see your work. All supplies from this project may be purchased in store in Charlottesville, VA on the Downtown Mall. See you there!

Cotton + Steel Giveaway

Cotton + Steel is having a giveaway and we want to make it even SWEETER! Here's how it works: 

Cotton + Steel's Competition: 

To enter, post Instagram photos of garments you've made out of Cotton + Steel fabric using the hashtags #cottonandsteelcloset and #cottonandsteel! 

Each month we'll pick our favorite to win a 3 yard cut of our fabric!

How Les Fabriques sweetens the deal: 

Choose any Cotton + Steel fabric from our current inventory online or in-store. Sew up a garment, bag, or COSTUME for Halloween--anything you want! Post pictures of your finished project using the Cotton + Steel on our Facebook and Instagram using hashtags #lesfabriques and #sewingwithlesfabriques!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Les-Fabriques-124323477600755/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lesfabriques/

Oilcloth Bunting Tutorial

What you'll need to get started:

  1. Your sewing box: pins, thread, scissors
  2. Bias tape: double or single fold 
  3. Pinking shears
  4. Oil cloth or other fabric that doesn't fray. The beautiful gingham, hibiscus, and cherry prints featured can be purchased in store for only $9.99/yd. Not in CVille? Give us a call and we will ship it to you!
  5. Pattern (Click Here to Download Pattern) 


  1. Print out and cut bunting pattern piece 
  2. Pin bunting pattern piece onto the oilcloth. We like to double the fabric that way there are multiple pieces cut at once. 
  3. With pinking shears, cut the two equal sides of the isosceles triangle. Do not pink the top side, as this is the part of the bunting that is attached to the bias tape. 
  4. Once you have a collection of these cut, organize the pieces into the desired arrangement for your bunting. (Alternate colors, designs, and even sizes of the bunting pattern piece to create your very own personalized bunting!) 
  5. Open the bias tape and sandwich the top side of the bunting piece (the one that has not been pinked) and pin. Leave 1-4 inches of bias tape between your pieces. 
  6. Sew a straight stitch an 1/8" from the edge of the bias along the bias tape and bunting pieces, removing the pins as you go. 
  7. Clip your threads on either end and hang up your fabulous bunting! We put ours up outside the store for an extra touch! 

Design House 2016

Talented fashion designers from Les Fabriques will be decorating a girl's bedroom in the Charlottesville's Design House of the year. Sneak Surprise: Our room's theme color is purple! Artists from CVille come together to volunteer their time in decorating the Design House to benefit the Shelter for Help in Emergency. All ticket proceeds go to this wonderful organization that provides services for child victims of domestic violence. 

The Design House tour opens May 7th and lasts through the 22nd. Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily with extended hours Wednesday and Thursday until 7 p.m.

Tickets are available online now or at the door on May 7th: http://cvilledesignhouse.com/


Join us in fighting for a cause - "Because Peace on Earth Begins at Home"  

Kids Sew Too

Instructor: Robyn Fogler

Level: Begginer

Time: 10 - Noon

Call 434-975-0710 to register!

March 19 – Fabric Design – We will design our own fabric using sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. Then, we will use our originally designed fabric to make a simple pin cushion to use for sewing.

April 16 – Ribbon Handled Bag - We will make this cute and easy bag to use for ourselves or to give as a Mother’s Day gift to someone special.  

May 21 – Burrito Style Pillowcase - As our sewing skills continue to improve, we will advance to making this fun project that leaves no exposed seams.

June 18 - Simple Skirt from a T-Shirt - Summer heat is turning up, and this easy skirt is a breeze to make! Plus, it makes a great repurposing project!

Carla Quenneville's Dressmaking Essentials

  1. Schmetz Machine Universal Needles: This is the go-to brand for machine needles! The universal needles are perfect for most of your sewing needs. They are sharp enough to do rolled hems and transferable with many different fabric weights and styles. 
  2. 20 Sharps Size 9 Hand Needles: Like the Universal Needles, Size 9 Sharps are a good all-around sewing needle. Whenever I want to switch gears from my machine to hand (us older women do that) I want needles that will do as precise of a job as my Pfaff will. With these sharps, I can do that! 
  3. Embroidery Scissors: These mini shears are perfect for close snips. Not to mention the adorable yellow and red ladybug design! You'll surely never loose them! Stash a pair of these in your to-go sewing kit and keep a pair by your machine! Only $2.99 in-store. 
  4. Assorted Threads: For dressmaking, I predominately use polyester thread. I love the thread Mettler offers because of the variety of colors. A lot of the time, instead of using the basic whites, creams, and blacks, I would prefer to match the fabrics as closely as possible. They offer different shades of every color, and I always find a perfect match!
  5. Measuring Guage: Some people use a simple measuring tape. I use a measuring guage because of the precision it allows. A measuring tape easily bends and pulls, while the guage allows you to raise and lower the blue tab to make a perfect 1/4" seam. 
  6. Gingher Scissors: The legendary brand of scissors. Everyone has heard of them. They might be pricey, but they last longer than any other brand. I like to go with the 8" shears. For the smaller spots, I switch to my cute ladybug embroidery scissors. Everything else--the Gingher is cut out for!
  7. Ezy-Hem Guage: An all metal pressing tool that is huge help when measuring and pressing up hems and seam allowances. It has measured markings for both straight hems and curved ones, allowing accurate hemming on A-line, flaired skirts, and flounces. Simply fold the hem allowance around the EZY Guage to the desired depth and press right over the metal! Cool, huh? Well it's really hot...so don't burn your fingers!
  8. Taylor's Chalk: Chalk is an absolute! After all, you can't be marking on your beautiful fabric with a marker! Taylor's Chalk allows you to mark on your fabric, and it disappears with water. Or you can simply stick it in the wash, after your garment is complete! 
  9. Flexible Measuring Tape: Measure your bust, your waist, your hips...whatever you need! At Les Fabriques, we offer a variety of flexible measuring tapes in yellow, pink, purple, green, and so much more! I even catch my employees sometimes wearing them as necklaces! 
  10. Seam Ripper: When you have regrets in your sewing, this is what you use. You might shed a tear when you realize you have made a mistake, but even us pros make them. Seam rippers allow you to softly rip out the thread and start over again! Or pull your hair out, and reluctantly start over again!

Have a Heart

Make a difference this February with our "Have a Heart" Trade-In Sale! Come visit us and donate any unwanted fabric (by the yard) and/or any brand of sewing/embroidery machine. For every yard donated, you will receive 20% off every new yard purchased. Same goes for new Pfaff sewing machines! With your heart, we can make a difference this February. All fabric and machines are donated to local Charlottesville charities in need thanks to you!

A Day at the Sewing Spa

Friday, June 26
10:00am – 3:30pm
$30 for the Whole Day
Includes Lunch

A whole day get away – think of it like a “creativity spa”! Come play in our sewing studio while experiencing the best and newest of what PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machines have to offer – play with exciting machine technology like Ribbon Stitches, Stacking Stitches and Maxi Stitches. Try out the latest accessories, and hear about new techniques plus many helpful tips. You’ll be guided through a fun-filled day by our experienced event specialist – showcase your creativity by completing projects you’ll be able to take home that day and enjoy forever. Learn how your own ideas can be translated into anything you can imagine – the latest PFAFF® technology makes it all possible. If you can imagine it, you can make it.